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Thursday, May 18, 2006

Project: Best Summer Ever '06

Project: Best Summer Ever is back! If you had the Best Summer Ever last year and are yearning for an even better summer this year, then wait no longer! This year I have set up a wiki where all missions and points are tracked. That means that everyone playing along will be able to update their scores on the wiki and they will be able to add missions and bonuses for missions for everyone to do.

If you want to play along this year go to the pbse wiki, and add you name (and any missions you want to attempt). The password to get in to edit pages is: pbse06. If you need any help or have any comments let me know.

Now get out there and have the Best Summer Ever!

(Here is PBSE from last year.)

Thursday, July 28, 2005

Quick update

Since I am in between two trips I decided to do a quick points update. The big movers this time are Nicole and I because of our visit to Minnesota. Only a few weeks left for the best summer ever, enjoy them!

Tuesday, July 19, 2005


Surprising I know.

But really my summer has been going by so fast, mainly due to it being the best summer ever. As you can see on the right everyone has increased their points totals by a pretty good amount, with the most noteworthy going to Amber, Nicole and Asdgirl. (Links go to my favorite recent posts by them.)

It is worth looking through the missions again to see what can get you points, because even I forgot about some of them (Jersey week, how can I forget about that?). Well, soon I will be off to Minnesota and Colorado, so maybe, *maybe* I'll update again in a week.

Until then, rock on!

Monday, June 20, 2005

Movie Fest.

It is strange how every time I update there seems to be a theme that goes along with the points being scored. This time is was movies. Most notable was Ambers binge of four movies, as well as Asdgirl watching a movie at a dollar theater and Nicole watching Miracle at home.

I wonder what the theme will be for this week.

One shout-out, Asdgirl has a great picture for her completion of the Sonic mission. Check it out.

Monday, June 13, 2005

Internet Down! Family Up!

The combination of having my internet down and some of Nicole’s family up lead to me not updating PBSE much over the last week. But that didn’t stop people from rocking their summer. The theme this time looks to be food, from Nicole’s garlic shrimp, to Amber's Kahlua Cake, and Asdgirl’s eating at The Grill. Now that we are getting to a time when kids are getting bored with the summer you might be able to find some Kool-Aid stands (lemonade stands, juice stands, or whatever) popping up around town. It might be worth giving Mission #60 a shot.

Sunday, June 05, 2005

Big movers

Over the last couple of days there have been a couple of people that have had a much better time than the rest of us. The first is Asdgirl who has jumped up 650 points. You can tell she is really getting into the spirit of the Best Summer Ever by her blog, for example:

My husband and I have turned the phrase "mission 99" into a verb and incorporated it into our vocabulary.
"Sweetheart, what are we doing for lunch today?"
"Well, there is nothing to eat here, so why don't we mission 99 it?"
"O.K., where do you want to go?"

Secondly in the big movers is Lance who went on a road trip up to Iowa. He was able to rack up 3600 points on the trip, and now leads in points.

Just a reminder this next Sunday (June 12th) is the AFL championship game, so be sure to watch it if you want the points. Hummm... I think I need a Sonic drink. ^_^

Friday, June 03, 2005

Mission #101: Participate in Game Olympics. (500 pts)

Two years ago the games flowed and the "medals" frayed. This year, the games will flow as will the "medals." To beat this mission you must participate in at least 80% of the Game Olympics events. You need to place at least once in first, second, or third. +200 points if you participate in each event. +200 points if you host Game Olympics.

If you are playing along: Game Olympics is a week or so of games ranging from video games, to board games, to sport games, and the such. All games. You can host your own by inviting about 3 friends to participate in at least 10 different games.

Guest Writer: Nicole

Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Points Update

It looks like we are in full swing for working on the best summer ever. I was able to rack up some points down in Lawrence. Nicole has also gained a good chunk of points from Newgen's. Amber has been working on Newgen's photo scavenger hunt. Lance managed to go to a K-state baseball game up in evil land. Stana is half the way done with one of her own missions, and so has finally put points up. And a new player, Asdgirl, watched Napoleon Dynamite and ate out to score some points.

I know some people just have to post about their events to get the points, so get them up! Well I'm off to go eat a midnight dinner now. Play on!

Monday, May 30, 2005

I am alive, just busy... somehow...

After I get back from Lawrence I will update the scores, so make sure that you get your completed missions posted.

Enjoy your Monday and Tuesday!

Monday, May 23, 2005

Week one of the Best Summer Ever: over.

The scoring keeps coming in. Amber got her stuff posted for Star Wars III, Scott apparently made a trip down to Garden to eat a snow cone, and I made a trek to Wichita to watch an away Koyotes game. Also, we have a new player, Stana, who is making many missions for herself to do... but has yet to complete one... or post that she has completed one.

Well, I hope the rest of the summer goes as well as this first week, because I had fun, and i hope you did too.

Update: Yes, the last time I updated the scores was on the 23th, the 23th... good me.

Thursday, May 19, 2005

Scoring Update

Well the scores are starting to roll in now. Amber has watched a movie (or more soon to be posted). Scott has finished his anime series, Michelle has been doing some baseball stuff, and Aaron has finally got his stuff posted. There will be many more points to be added, once everyone gets their Star Wars stuff posted, so be sure to check back to see how things are going.

It is getting really hard for me to remember what has already been counted for points, so could you please keep track of your own score on your blog, in some way, so that I can double check my adding. Thanks. ^_^

Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Mission #100: Cook a New Food. (50pts)

To complete this mission I must make something to eat that I never have made before. It must actually come from a recipe, so I can not heat up a frozen dinner and call it cooking. I must post the recipe on the internet, with a review of how it was. +50 per additional new food item cooked. +50 points for every person that comes over to eat what I made for a meal. I may get the points for cooking something new only once, so for example, I can not combine this mission with the Vidalia Onion Feast Mission (#88).

If you are playing along: No changes.

Mission #99: Eat Out. (50pts)

To complete this mission I must eat at a restaurant. I must stay at the restraint for over an hour, and I must go with someone else. If it is a sit down restaurant, where you have a waiter that you give a tip to, +50 points. I may get the points for eating at each restaurant only once. Also I may not be getting other points for eating at the restaurant from other mission at the same time.

If you are playing along: No changes.

Mission #98: Watch a Movie (50pts)

For this mission I must watch a movie that I have not seen before. If I watch the movie at a movie theater +100 points. This mission can not be done in combination with another mission.

If you are playing along: No changes.

Mission #97: Go to a County Fair. (300pts)

County Fairs are like summer to my ears.... I am getting really tired of writing opening things for each mission; I think Ill stop for now. To complete this mission I must go to a county fair, and stay there for at least 2 hours. While there I must get a funnel cake, and ride at least one ride (if possible). If I go at night +50 points.

Thanks Amber for the idea.

If you are playing along: No changes.

Mission #96: Visit States. (100pts)

The summer is a time to travel. Traveling makes for the best summer ever. For each state I visit, besides my home state, I get 100 points. If I take a picture of the entering a new state sign, I get 50 more points. I can only get the points for visiting each state once.

If you are playing along: No changes.

Mission #95: Get a Snow Cone. (250pts)

I remember when I used to love getting snow cones when I was a kid. I don't want that love to die. For this mission I must get a snow cone from a snow cone place. Then I must eat said snow cone. For 100 more points I may get another snow cone to eat. I like some summertime goals, they are so simple.

If you are playing along: No changes.

Mission #94: Make an Anime Music Video. (3000pts)

Anime Music Videos take a lot of time to make, the summer has a lot of time to give, lets work something out. To complete this mission I must make an Anime Music Video. The song must be over three minutes long. The final product must look nice, and I must post it on the internet for all to see. I must own all anime footage used, and there must not be subtitles from the anime in the video, unless it is relevant to the video.

If you are playing along: You don't have to use anime for your music video, but if you don't it is only worth 2500 points.

Mission #93: Have a BBQ. (400pts)

BBQs and summers go together like super and glue. So to commemorate this bond I decree that a BBQ should be had this summer. To compete this mission I must have a BBQ at some park. There must be two different kinds of meats cooked, and there must be potato salad. +50 points if there is also watermelon.

If you are playing along: No changes

Mission #92: Go to a Zoo. (300pts)

I like zoos, it reminds me which is the dominate species in the world. To complete this mission I must go to a zoo for at least 3 hours. I must buy some food to feed something while I am there if possible. And I must take a picture of some cool animal.

If you are playing along: No changes